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Poster: gojomo Date: Feb 7, 2008 9:34am
Forum: web Subject: Re: The Internet Archive Censorship Scandal

In reality that link shows absolutely no archived CNN pages published during that period. That link shows archived CNN pages published in 1996, 1999, and 2000.

The pages were collected in that period, just as we have archive pages dated (by CNN itself) late August/early September 2001 that were collected at later times. (For just one example:*sr_1nr_100/* )

The record published by the Internet Archive clearly shows that a gap of this size, of these 15 sites, occurring simultaneously, is special because it happened only once in the history of the Internet Archive.

Unless you are using strained definitions, this is false. It is false even with your handpicked set of homepages, and false even just for 2001. The longest simultaneous gap affecting all 15 homepages at once in your highlighted period is July 23 - August 1 -- 10 days. (There is also a 9-day gap from August 13 to 21.). In contrast, there is a longer 17-day gap affecting all 15 site homepages in February 2001. There is also a 15-day gap from December 2000 into January 2001.

There are also similar common gaps affecting all or almost all of the same site homepages in 2000. And again in April-May 2002. And again in August-September 2003. And probably more -- but that should be enough to demonstrate that sadly, coverage of these sites often fell short of the daily intensity you are expecting. Unfortunate, but also unremarkable.

There's plenty now in this thread for third parties to fairly evaluate your claims or do their own research.

- Gordon @ IA

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